Carnivore Dreams – Wheels

My dad has Parkinson’s.  That’s him with me in the last photo in his new road ready golf cart–something that might give him some freedom when he can’t walk anymore.  He can drive through the harbor, talk to folks, get around. Our family got people around, so it’s only fitting.  Steam boat captains, dray people–gotta move, eh?

It came today.  The truck driver, very nice guy, was from Albania, and he is learning English with Rosetta Stone.   He says we are much nicer here than in Europe, the people, but he will go back to Albania.  His family is in Chicago and he doesn’t like driving the truck–has two kids.  He thought our house was a restaurant. He got very fershimeled over where he’d park that huge truck and the village was busy painting new white lines on the road and didn’t want him to drive over them, but the tow truck driver was very nice.  The Albanian guy said he had  no idea how to drive it, so the tow truck driver backed it up and I drove it off the tow truck.  Very cool.

We aren’t road ready yet, need to get license plate and registration and all this Friday, but we tooled around town a little anyway.  I didn’t tell Dad yet but the license plate will say Luella, like the name of his boat (and the name of his mother). The Parkinson’s took away his balance and thus took away his boat, but if life gives you lemons… (he drinks lemonade all day) this will get him around.

We should be set by Memorial Weekend.

A good day.

Had a nice hamburger with Swiss cheese and a few onions, a slice of onion.

Happy Tuesday, all.

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