Carnivore Dreams – Incredible Egg

You can easily make this crustless quiche carnivore by eliminating the green onions and mushrooms.  This is a version I am making this weekend for my company.  One tip I discovered, no matter what you put in it, add grated cheese of your choice (and green onions if you go keto) to top as it cools, so the cheese is all gooey and melty when you serve it.

I found an all natural sausage and added garden sage, crushed fennel seed, a bit of chili powder, cayenene, and onion/garlic powder (miracle blend from our local spice join in Alden).  Saute up the sausage and a package of mushrooms of your choice with the green onion ends (white part).  Use a touch of clarified bacon grease.  Whip up appropriate amount of eggs with a bit of heavy cream (I used eight for a medium cast iron pan–you’ll need more than a dozen for a big one).  Add salt and pepper to egg mixture, heavy cream, grated cheese of your choice (about a cup).  When sausage and veggie mixture is browned, add egg mixture and extra cheese to top and bake for about 18 minutes at 350.  Take out, let stand, add more grated cheese to top and green onion ends.  MMM.

But let me address you carnivore types who eat only beef.  Of ALL the things I’d expand my diet to include would be the egg.  Think about it–an egg contains EVERYTHING needed to make a complete chicken, a complete live animal.  So it must contain everything we need to create and sustain life.  So one thing I would never do is go eggless.  I also eat limited dairy in the form of cheese and heavy cream because it agrees with me.  And on some days I add veggies like mushrooms, salad greens and broccoli.  Some red peppers  provide vitamin c so I eat them occasionally.   Saute them and they will be more digestible.

Dreams:  I dreamed I was fishing.  (I have trouble using my journal because my father wakes me abruptly and I have to jump around to help him and that is ruining my dream recall as well as my ability to record properly).  But I dreamed I had gone back to a hotel by a river, I’d previously stayed at, and they hadn’t cleaned the room, yet the waste basket contained all the stuff I had put there on a previous stay.  I remember mostly the waste basket and that the beds were not made, towels on the floor.  Nobody else had stayed there, I remember thinking that.  I talked to the front desk but woke before they corrected anything.  Strange dream but I didn’t participate much in it–or it didn’t seem very lucid.  There was much more to it, but Dad erased it thumping around.  I feel the dream had some major significance somehow, but will have to ponder it. Perhaps there’s something I am repeating and I need to get a fresh start.

I haven’t been perfect on my diet since I’ve been caretaker and it’s affecting my health, my mood, and more.  Resolution:  go carnivore a couple weeks, then keto for a good month and be sure I’m still fat adapted before anymore cheating.

Soon I will talk about dream incubation, self-hypnosis for lucid dreaming, room preparation.  Announcing dreams, etc.

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