Carnivore Dreams – Cocktail Cozens

Wine is fairly low in carbs and hard liquor has none.  However, the cocktails they make for you at Ethonology (exquisitely concocted cocktails) do have carbs in them.  I still recommend stopping sometime at a distillery as fabulous as the one we have here in Elk Rapids, Michigan, and indulging.  Quite the experience.  The one in front is a version something like a Pina Colada infused with rosemary and lavender.  The one in back is an Old Fashioned served in a smoked glass.  I had a White Russian sort of thing as well.  My reading in August will be at this establishment.  I highly recommend a visit.

Then you can see Bowers Harbor Vineyards and Chateau Chantal on Old Mission Peninsula.  A little less of a cheat, is wine, and an absolutely lovely day Saturday sitting out and looking at East and West Bays of Grand Traverse Bay.

Yes, we did do something besides drink all weekend, though we did do some of that.  Had a nice dinner out.  I should tell you that my dear friends Karen and Bob came up to hang with me and offer support.  I don’t like to post pictures of my friends without their permission, so I won’t, but I think it’s ok to say I love them!

Dreams:  I had a dream I was inside a toilet paper roll, the cardboard part, rolling around and around and I couldn’t get out.  I must have been very small.  No shrink required for that one.  Then I dreamed I was a writer (which I am) and I’d written some story about a triangle relationship about a dark haired woman and she had two men, I believe.  I was standing with my typewriter knee-high in a lake as I was writing it and I could see her standing there in the water as well.  Somehow I knew I had written her the perfect ending–she was waiting for me to write it.  I’m trying to think who she looked like–very dark almost black hair.  Perhaps something like Priscilla Presley looked young.  Or Shelley Fabret in the movies where her hair was very dark, not light.  I guess that is as close as I can come to what she looked like.  She looked calm and at peace, not a bit conflicted, a slight smile on her face–she knew I’d do it right, too.

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