Carnivore Dreams (Keto garden)

Alden Mill spices —

My great grandfather used to run the last steamboat that ran in the inland waterway:  Torch, Elk Lake, and more (need to brush up on all that before my August reading here in Elk Rapids).  My first novel was set here.  Anyway, my great grandfather would go half ay through the lakes, hook up his steam boat (The Mabel)  at noon in Alden every day, cook himself a steak, steam baked potatoes under the steam valves.  He’d exchange passengers with his sister steamer (Ruth) and head back to Elk Rapids.  Today, we head there to the spice mill and for a lovely day’s drive.  I stocked up on their Miracle Blend, their garlic/onion mix, their own Cajun mix, and whole peppercorns.

Herb gardenBrussel sprouts and tomatoesPotatoesPeas and lettuce

Ok, garden looks pretty good considering it’s been friggin’ cold and no sun.  So my downstate folks will laugh at my peas, but they are starting to flower.  lettuce is really coming pretty good:  come and cut baby greens.  We’ll have some salad in a week if not before.  I have some in containers further ahead.  Herb garden is doing great.

I use spices and herbs even when I’m on carnivore, but I insert a few veggies into my egg casseroles and on top of burgers and steaks now and then.  And I eat salads now and then.

I also planted six lavender plants by the side of the garage.  Hoping enough sun and not too much direct run-off water from the roof.  We are presently looking to replace our roof here with a standing seam metal roof–gun metal gray.  And we are staining the house and deck, painting some doors and railings.

But we’ll eat ok on the way.

I will do a bit of revision this week, but I have some gardening and legal errands first and my lil grandson John Michael visits this coming weekend.

Dreams:  I’ve been “incubating some,” preparation for lucid dreaming, trying to invoke my late mother to ask her some crucial questions I believe she can answer for me:  soul travel. So far, no Mom, but Tom Selleck did show up.  I usually only dream about comedians and they usually are not intimate dreams.  The funny  men just seem very fond of me.  I find Tom very amusing.  And in this dream, I knew he was going to kiss me (we were both younger).  I became somewhat lucid in that I realized I was dreaming and thought that he was likely going to be a poor kisser.  However, he did ok, I thought.  And that was that.

Happy Father’s Day, all.  We did a lot of celebrating here for many fathers yesterday.  The sun came out for a couple hours just for our celebration.  It was chilly but at least we saw that unfamiliar blob in the sky.  Today:  gloomy, chilly and a stray rain drop.

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