Carnivore Dreams – Garden Update

There is so much more to say and sort through since one of my best friends drowned on Friday, but I can’t do it.  Not now.  A garden update is something I can handle for now.

Not sure why it didn’t rotate the one picture automatically like it usually does and you can’t see the tomatoes and brussel sprouts up close or the hanging tomatoes.  And my peas are doing good, but got clobbered some by the big rain storm last night.  Am hoping most of them are ok.  Well, let me take a couple more pics to add here. Peas below on left.  Keep a good thought.

Ok, so not horrible, but not sure how damaged my peas are.  I have lots of cherry tomatoes, but nothing red yet.  My herb garden (the sideways one) is thriving.  I think even if you are a carnivore type, you have to be a bit less rigid in the summer garden season.

Tomorrow is another day of fly fishing on the holy water in Grayling.  We are hoping the water levels will be down enough to wade the south branch.  We’ll see.  But forecast is 81 and sunny.  Then back here for some burgers on the grill.

Next week, I am going to get revising finally.  I just couldn’t focus this week and hope I can next week.  Such a shock to the system.

No dreams to report but I know I had them.  Happy Tuesday, all.  Kiss your loved ones.

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