Carnivore Dreams – Booze or no booze?

Without Booze

Well, here is the question.  Can you be thin and drink booze or healthy and drink booze?  I’m not sure about healthy, but I am pretty sure you can’t drink and be thin–at least not 4-5 times/ week.  Even a few glasses of wine.

I’m starting to lose the weight in my jawline and neck after five days without wine, though we will see if skin tightens.  There’s no question I feel better without it and have lost the couple pounds I gained.  I know Mikhaila Peterson drinks whiskey or some hard liquor along with her beef–not sure how often.  But I feel much better drinking only on rarer occasions.

I recommend that program.

For carnivore people, obviously, liquor is derived from plants of some sort.

I’ve been active–working on painting the house, de-mossing the brick pavers, walking the dog.  I’ve missed a few Workout Warrior routines and need to get back on a program.  I also have not got a writing schedule in place.  At all.  I am resolved to do so next week.

I have been very down due to losing a life long, best friend to a drowning accident nobody can explain–just a slight bump on her head.  She was swimming alone.  I am also depressed because I don’t think I can attend the funeral and gathering on the 12th–it would mean leaving Dad alone five days and I haven’t done that as of yet.  Only a couple  hours.  I am just now getting things in place to get some time away.  My dad has Parkinson’s and is 87 years old now.  Also on full time oxygen.  So I feel all at sea still.

Will report in next week.

Dreams:  I have been having a lot of them.  About rhubarb and about my dad.  None about my mom lately.  I also need to focus more on lucid dreaming, do some meditation, “dream incubation.”  Will report in on this as well.  I hope this isn’t too ungrammatical–no time to proofread.

Happy Tuesday.  We are waiting for a roofer to give us an estimate, then off to an elder law attorney.  It’s raining.  Need I say more?


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