Carnivore Dreams – Fishing

“God will not deduct from man those hours spent fishing…”


Ok, so I didn’t even have a bite and my fishing partner had one chub and a four inch brook trout, but we were on the water.  And there are no bad days on the water.  Ever.

I was fishing with a brown drake type fly–big.  He was fishing a smaller caddis, which is probably the fly.

The wading was nice.  I had never waded the Boardman, just the Au Sable, and there was less casting room, but the wading was easier since the Boardman wasn’t holding as much water.  nice solid bottom.  Few holes (except for the sand trap my friend nearly ventured into).  They probably should have it written on both sides of the sign.

Happy 4th.  we are working on cleaning moss and mess out of 35 year old pavers.  Will report in on that project.

Dreams:  I dreamed my mother (yep she finally showed up) wanted me to deliver her speech at this function.  She handed it to me written out on a white piece of paper.  That seemed to be the extent of the dream, but will have to think about what that means.

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