Carnivore Dreams — Crop update

It’s looking good and nobody can be 100% carnivore during the fall harvest.  I’m already eating lettuce, cherry tomatoes.  I always used herbs anyway.  I won’t eat many potatoes myself, but I like to grow them.  My peas are incredible–every day, every hour, they seem to burst with pods.  Brussels sprouts are getting huge.  Herbs growing like crazy.  We’ve been eating lettuce (cut and come) for weeks.

My tomatoes are flowering but not making many tomatoes yet.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

I’m going to make a lot of sheet pan dinners this summer–combos of veggies and different meats and spices, different versions:  dilled whitefish, steak, chicken fajitas, fixings for salmon nicoise (ni-ko-see according to one silly friend I have), shrimp and clam bake, Indian chicken.  I will post pictures of the chicken fajitas tomorrow.

Dreams: I had one where I was flying everyone with a very long sleeping bag–like a magic carpet.  I was having trouble clearing trees, but I did.  I also had one where I could see a strange guy trying to get in my house but I managed to lock the door.  My entire wall of my house was transparent, you could not see a window or a wall, though it was all glass, no frame to it.  The guy had dark hair, I’d never seen him before, and he was angry.  He had chains in his hands and I realized he was returning them from some job he’d done for us.   He was not an ax murderer. I smiled at him and commented, by lip reading, mouthing the words, how weird the window/wall was and he seemed to soften toward me because he smiled back.  It seemed he was planning to call me–not sure how I knew this.

I have been waiting for a sign from my mother about roof color we are putting on here–kids picked the galvulume over musket gray because I couldn’t decide.  We’ll make a statement, something new.  Shiny.  Roof will go on next week sometime, get started.  Photos on that, too.

Happy Thursday.  I am back into my novel project — reading this time and making notes for revision.

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