Carnivore Dreams – Neck


I suspect another month or two of carnivore/keto and my neck/jaw slackness will be gone–or pretty close considering my advanced years.  It’s definitely firming up.  At least there is a definition where my jaw ends and my neck starts!  And I can almost see a chin, I think.

As we speak, I’m getting a headache, maybe that nightshade tomato I just popped out of the garden.  Tom Brady would not approve.

Quick recap:  I’ve been on keto about ten months–carnivore a few months here and there.  Lost twenty pounds and improved my health–improving most of my blood markers.  I’ve had to take berberine to help with cholesterol and other issues.  Low carb has become a way of life.  I eat more protein than most people and I’m improving muscle tone, even at my advanced age of 64.

I see Dr. Mercola is finally entertaining the carnivore diet idea–as long as it’s interwoven with intermittent fasting.  Are plants making YOU sick?  I suspect they are to some degree.  And that’s what they want us to all eat exclusively.  I don’t think so.

Dad is doing better–a bit stronger.  Count blessings.  He’s drinking gin again, not good, but he’s happier overall, I’d say.

I’m marinating a sheet pan recipe of chicken fajitas. Will post my recipe and pictures tomorrow.  I like this sheet pan cooking idea–particularly good for keto folks along with some great organic fare from the garden!  Peppers and zucchini and onions and asparagus all work exceedingly well in this method as do potatoes (not keto), and sweet potatoes (also not keto, but paleo folks are ok). Will try Brussel sprouts.  Have recipes for a salmon salad nicoise, a whitefish with dill, shrimp fajitas, lots of chicken thigh recipes, one pork tenderloin.  Will report in.

I’m happy to say I started reading/revising my fantasy novel about lucid dreaming today, at long last!: alternate universes, premonitions, reincarnation, yoga siddhis, Theory of Relativity, Jung’s synchronicity.  All wrapped into one. Finally, I was able to re-acclimate myself.  Or start to.

I exercised yesterday and today will do some yoga while dinner is in. Will report in, as I say, on these chicken fajitas. It’s friggin 65 degrees out there (90 yesterday) and windy, so am glad to have something to throw in the oven.

Happy Thursday.  We plan to stain the deck this weekend and some house siding in anticipation of the new shiny roof going on.

Dreams:  Boy, I had them, but lost them.  I am sure I’ll do much better lucid dreaming now that I’m back into the project.

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