Carnivore Dreams — Deck Dreams

I like weathered wood, but as you can see in the first picture, we had more than that –green moss.  So we stripped the deck, lightened it, and stained it.  I might some day look for a stain that has gray and white in it so you get that weathered look, but this is nice.  Dad is sitting under his “mister.”  He can’t tolerate the heat, so we bought him this deal that blows a fine mist on him and he can be on the deck in 90 degree heat.

The galvulume roof is going on, pictures soon on that.

I’m working in the garden and staining the house.  Dick put up new light fixtures. So I have done zero revision on the fantasy novel.  I am kind of resigned to thinking I might not be working until after Labor Day.  I want to get up north Labor Day and so much outside work here.

We have Harbor Days coming up with all the kids coming, my old boyfriend Glen visiting us (yep, he was my first boyfriend, but he’s also old), and I have a reading in town of my first novel set here in Elk Rapids.  Seems I’ll be a bit busy.

I was hoping Mom would show up and give me a sign about the roof color, but had to rely on my own good judgment (swayed some by both my kids) and we picked the shiny silver.  People already stopping by loving it, so think it was a good choice.

I made new potatoes and peas out of the garden tonight.  I guess they were ok–I didn’t do more than taste.  Seemed a bit bland so added some sour cream.  But I plan a dill/cilantro/cherry tomato potato salad for this weekend, all garden fare.  Well, not the potatoes yet, but the cherry tomatoes and dill and all.  Jalapenos are coming on fast now.  We’ve had some lovely salads out of the garden for well over a month.  That cut and come method is the berries.

Been tired out last couple days.  I need a fast day.

Dreams:  I had some interesting ones a couple days ago, but now they escape me.

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