Carnivore Diet – health update

Health update

I know many of you read this for diet and health purposes as well as the more esoteric dream stuff.  So I think an update is in order.

If you want the background of my journey with the keto then carnivore diet, look back through my blog posts.  Quick recap:  I’m 64 years old.  I’ve been keto for almost a year now and I’ve interspersed that with periods of strict carnivore dieting (relaxed some right now due to lovely harvests of lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes coming out of the garden–potatoes coming on and I tasted a few peas–mostly I rely on my herb garden for cooking).  I eat meat of all sorts, cheese, heavy cream, limited lactaid, and a few veggies.  I take a B complex type vitamin, berberine (which has brought my cholesterol in line–though slightly high as it should be–don’t let them put you on statin drugs if you haven’t had an event) astaxanthin (which has kept me from sun burning and improved my skin), and magnesium at night.  I have low thyroid so my only prescription drug is levothyroxine.

I’ve lost twenty pounds.  I’m starting to firm up now.  I haven’t lost a lot of weight lately, a pound maybe, but the Workout warrior and my high protein diet have improved muscle tone for my age.  Three half hour workouts/week, multi-muscle group thing.  Yoga routines off and on.

Latest health info:  I have a family history of heart/vascular issues.  My mother died at 64 (I’ve just outlived her) of a massive hemorrhagic bleed in the brain; my father has had blood clots since he was in his 50’s and numerous stents, he’s had a mini-stroke.  Due to the drugs, he’s made it to 87 so far, though he has Parkinson’s and some mild cognitive issues.  Neither of their diets were healthy.   So I worry about heart/vascular issues.  So I periodically do the life line screening.

I just got the results back from that and the carotid artery, abdominal aorta, peripheral artery disease and atrial fibrillation — all normal.   And all on a high meat/high fat diet. The only risk I have is a high one for osteoporosis, which I’ve known for a while.  But since I cannot stand the thought of those drugs for that, I’m relying on load bearing exercise, calcium in my diet.  (Those drugs cause your thighs to break in half?  Duh?  What am I missing here?  Can that possibly be the right remedy??).  I’m fairly small boned.

However, I must also tell you that since I’ve lost weight and gone on this diet, I have none of the back problems I was starting to get and I’ve worked hard physically this summer staining my dad’s house and working in the garden.

I’ll write a post soon on astaxanthin–very important and amazing supplement and an update on berberine–oh, and one on intermittent fasting.

Let me say just briefly, though, that if you are going to do keto or carnivore, intermittent fasting is crucial to keep from activating the MTOR pathway which causes cancer, especially important if you eat a lot of protein.  Lots of versions of fasting and I’ll elaborate on my protocol soon.

I’m downstate with my son Josh for dental appointments which is a mini-vacation from hanging with Dad.  My brother Rick is there for a few days, thank you Rick!– and friends and other health services checking in on him.  He’s doing better than when we came home last winter, but needs people checking.  Very hard on him emotionally.  A friend of his came to visit with MS and I pointed out how he didn’t carry on and scream at his wife when she helped him down the stairs–and he’s much younger than Dad.  Ah well.

More blogs on the above issues and some recipes upcoming.  I’m making notes in my dream journal, but have postponed a formal revision of my fantasy novel until after Labor Day.  Too much work on the house and garden and an adjustment in our living arrangements–all more than I can handle.

I am reading in Elk Rapids at the local distillery August 16th, I think.  And that is the extent of my literary endeavors for this summer.  Unfortunately.

Happy Sunday.  It’s hot and I recommend a day of rest, yoga, and maybe a few minutes outdoors.  Let me know how you’re doing on your diet and dreams.



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