Carnivore Dreams – Garden August, The Good, the Bad, and Ugly

No, mostly it’s been great.  As you can see my peppers are going great guns–can’t keep up with them.  We’ve been cutting and coming on the lettuce all summer and it’s still producing, though perhaps slowing down–a little less coming.  All the herbs have been fabulous–thyme, rosemary, oregano, dill, sage, doing great.  Next year I’ll definitely get cilantro in as I saw it doing great in town here in someone else’s garden.  It did poorly up at camp.

The petunias have mostly been lovely, though the purple/blue are getting leggy.

The peas were a bit strange–got a few, but they didn’t like my wooden trellis and kept toppling over and dying at the top–will need a better situation or go to green beans.  My potatoes (not pictured) are dying back now and we’ve been eating new potatoes and peas for a while.  I’ll have a nice crop of those into early fall.

The Brussels sprout plants are starting to make sprouts now and should be good come November.  They are happy fellows.

The biggest challenge has been tomatoes.  The cherries have been good and are about to come on again, and my Better Boy or whatever they are called are huge and the plants healthy and all but they are just starting to turn yellow–I hear they are very late downstate as well.  A very wet and cold June I think.  I usually do Early Girl tomatoes, so not familiar with these–purchased by my husband.  I haven’t yet given up hope.

We’ve had company here for two weeks so not much time for a blog.  And things trying as caretaker.  Much fodder for my fantasy novel I should get back into here shortly–at least after Labor Day.  I read in town here Friday night and so far not prepared, but will be, I hope, by the time it rolls around.  Reading at Ethanology–our local distillery.  My book was the community read, so it should be fun.

Dreams:  I’ve had them, but have neglected the journal.  Next to me now, so much coming.  Remember:


Food today:  A lovely bacon/onion/green pepper/cheese omelet. Tonight:  Grilled pork chops and garden salad.  Boys will have new potatoes and peas as well.

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