Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Plants – to eat them or not to eat them, that is the question

Garden August4

And a hard question it is– for me.  I had sort of decided to risk it during my gardening season when the lettuce and tomatoes, peppers, herbs were so fresh, organic, and right out my back door.  (I use herbs year round, even when I’m on carnivore–spices as well–and they didn’t seem to bother me.)

However, I have to admit that I haven’t felt as good eating plants in bulk on a more regular basis. I tend toward right side aches, digestive complaints of various types, and I seem to be suddenly short of breath.  Since I have seasonal allergies (and part of the reason Mikhaila Peterson seems to believe carnivore helps her is because of her auto-immune problems) it’s possible that I have auto-immune issues that build up.  I get away with a bit of salad now and then, but not sure I can eat all this every day.  Not that I intend to stop until the growing season winds down.  I haven’t eaten any garden potatoes or peas to speak of as it is.  Just lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs of all kinds, peppers, pretty much.  But I’ve had some nearly every day.

This is not my photo below because I forgot to take one (mine was much better) and I didn’t eat the wrap–my dad and son did.  I buy Mama Lupe’s low carb ones for those who want them–I occasionally indulge, but haven’t this summer. (I highly recommend them to keto folks, you can get them on Amazon).  Yesterday, as they ate the shells, picture below fairly is close, I made a taco fajita salad out of roasted peppers–red and green, onions, lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes, fresh jalapeno with a sauce of sour cream (cilantro, lime juice, hot sauce, and dried red pepper, salt).  Was really to die for and I expect to do that a few more times:

burrito chicken delicious dinner
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But the point is I am suffering some from it.

I am not certain some of us need plants, but I am also pretty certain that if we don’t eat them, we should do intermittent fasting.  I do that whether I’m on carnivore or keto at least once every two weeks.  Just coffee and a bit of heavy cream, which is allowed on some of the fasting protocols.  Works for me.  You don’t want to set off your MTOR pathway and cause cancer.

But it’s one thing to give up simple carbs and wheat and potatoes, bread of course.  And another thing to give up nature’s bounty in summer.  As it is I eat little if any fruit:  avocados and tomatoes, a very few berries.  I skip corn on the cob these days which is a sacrifice.  But not those garden delicacies.  Nope.  Can’t do it.

I suffer on.

Have you tried carnivore?  What are your experiences with blood results, weight loss, overall health?  How do you feel?

2 thoughts on “Carnivore/Keto Dreams – Plants – to eat them or not to eat them, that is the question

  1. I have oxalate toxicity (from a diet high in vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and other supposed superfoods) and the oxalate overload on my system seemed to have also caused a histamine intolerance. Which means I had to stop eating my garden tomatoes; even though I planted low oxalate varieties and stuck to under 1/2 cup a day, as the histamines in the tomatoes were causing pain flares (chronic pain had nearly disappeared on a low oxalate diet!)

    Depending on the variety and quantities of tomato that you have been eating lately, you may be feeling either the effect of high dietary oxalates, or a histamine intolerance, or both? (And some would also say that ‘any nightshades’ are problematic).

    I am following along on carnivore blogs, as I believe a meat based diet can heal. ❤️❤️ Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. You are probably right. I know nightshades bother a lot of people (Tom Brady, I hear). I am certain it is something I’m eating from the garden and I love hot peppers. Not sure I’m prepared to give them up year round since I just love making a fajita type salad. The corn and grains had to go. Sugar, too, of course. I DO feel better on carnivore, though fasting is important if so. I’ll probably do carnivore October until Thanksgiving, then again after Christmas for a couple months. I seem to tolerate lettuce and onion, a bit of salad dressing. I think I’ll make a keto type cheesecake for Thanksgiving! (Plan ahead). Thanks for your thoughts and thinking about me. Sounds like you are on the right path!

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