Carnivore Dreams – Dreams

Dream Imagery2

I should post a bit from my dream journal–I dreamed last night I had the runs and had an accident just inside the front door of this building.  I think the building was one my husband was building, but it was sort of like little apartments or temporary domiciles for some sort of excursion or vacation.  Each one slept about four people and I had the feeling most of them were young people, traveling.  Some of the “dorms” were superior to others.  There were strangers I didn’t know that didn’t particularly take to my “accident.” However.  Especially one woman.

Luckily, most of it was on this huge “welcome mat.”  And I could clean it up.  Isn’t that a funny image??

Hm, now it doesn’t take a shrink to figure out that dream and I wondered how soon it would be before I felt guilty for expressing my anger–justified or not.  Everybody has a hard way to go in this life and I might not have made it easier for some.

Still, anger and feelings are part of life.  And if we aren’t allowed to express it once in a while, it’s not much of a life and our loved ones don’t really love us much if they aren’t willing to engage with it.

I did manage to get this all cleaned up in the dream.  It strikes me as provocatively but weirdly amusing.  Perhaps my “accident” had nothing to do with this recent thing at all–a harbinger of things to come like that decapitated bird on my deck!

But I’ve never had a dream like that before.  So it must mean something pretty significant.

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