Carnivore Dreams – Funny Man

Ok, so here is the thing.  I dream about comedians.  I always have.  No idea why except that I love to laugh (only way to get through life), and because they are brilliant, smartest people on the planet–at least as smart as those science types.

So I’ve dreamt about Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Woody Allen, Jerry Hauser, Sean Connery and Harrison Ford (hilarious in the Indiana Jones movie), but mostly I dream repeatedly of Steve Martin and Tim Allen.  And here he is docked in our marina!   Tim. He waved at me once and I saw him buttoning up his fly bridge as well.

If you haven’t read “I’m not really here,” you should read it.  Quite a bit of philosophy and of course, hilarious.

I published a short story in my last collection about a character who dreams of comedians and focused on Tim’s book and his reference to hood ornaments and synchronicity (I’m a huge believer and my latest book gets into it).  The people in my writer’s group claimed I must be a narcissist to dream of celebrities.  Don’t know about that.  I never end up with them in my dreams and was sure Bill Murray would be mean to me.  Steve was mad at me because he lived in my neighborhood and his lawn kept sliding down into the street–he blamed me and I thought it was my fault, too.

But they hardly ever get romantic–can’t do stand up lying down after all!

I can’t seem to conjure up my mother in my dreams, but due to his presence I dreamed all night last night about Tim.  First it seemed he was in love with me and planned to divorce his wife (we were both much younger).  He was barbecuing something for me.  I woke up, went back to sleep and continued on only it turned into a romantic comedy and I was no longer in it, but watching it.  It felt like lucid dreaming because I was aware I didn’t know how it would end and would have to wait to see in the dream, but I suspected he would go back to his beautiful young wife and daughter (though there was a young blonde single mother he was quite interested in).  Dream went on and on.

Maybe I’ll see him tomorrow night up closer.

Ah, sleep perchance to DREAM.  Can’t wait to see what tonight brings.

Tomorrow is a fast day, but might have to have a glass of wine downtown, hang around a bit.  Happy Thursday all.  Look for hood ornaments.  They are everywhere.


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