Carnivore Dreams – Apple Watch-EMF Exposure and more


I didn’t indulge in this for myself on purpose–it was supposed to have fall detection for my dad but when I realized it had to be tethered to an I-phone, I realized it wouldn’t work for him.  Too complicated  My son John hooked it to my phone and I got in turn got hooked on the fitness aspects.  It’s a bit early to give a complete review–I don’t even know how to activate the fall device!

But it does record all my steps (I guess a fitbit would).  It will check you for atrial fibrillation, let you know your oxygen capacity (VO2), your heart rate variability (a new measure of fitness and when your body is stressed from exercise, emotional stress, or illness), keeps track of resting and active calories, and flights of stairs.  It also checks heart rate, of course, and gives you averages, keeps a history.

I turn off all my wireless things overnight to give us a break from EMF’s, so I also put my phone and watch in one of those bags.  My metal roof seems to have cut way down on outside EMF’s since my ROKU won’t even work well in my bedroom anymore.  I guess that’s a good thing.  I’m not sure how many EMF’s it adds attached to your wrist all day, though.  Yep, as I see, it’s like having your cell phone close to your body full time.  I am not sure if my cell phone will track my steps and all if it’s just near me without the watch on and perhaps i could wear it just during exercise or on a walk.

Just got side-tracked for half hour looking at the dangers of it on my wrist and removed it.  Seems an expensive toy if I’m only wearing during exercise and have to guess at overall steps, etc.  Hmm, I HAVE been short of breath the last couple weeks.  Wonder if it could be this watch!  Will report back.

I do have a timer on my internet to turn off EMF exposure at night.  And will unplug thins close to my bed.  I also have a faraday bag for cell phones picking up other wireless connections from outside and a new metal roof that cuts that way down!

More research to follow.

Not many dreams last night.  I over slept.  Today is a fast day and I need to get exercising here directly.

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