Carnivore Dreams – Apple Watch Take Two


rose gold aluminum case apple watch with white sports band
Photo by Alexandr Borecky on

I was worried about the constant EMF exposure and I actually think it was making me short of breath–I must be EMF sensitive.  So I solved that mostly by powering the watch off except when I was taking my walks or doing my exercises and/or when I wanted to check my VO2 max or heart rate variability.

That means it won’t record all my steps, but since I’ve had the watch I have an idea what my walks (with the dog) amount to step-wise.  I’m naturally walking about 7,000 steps and to hit 10,000 need an extra walk.

The watch has gotten me moving more.  Not sure if it’s worth the price tag and wouldn’t have bought it on my own, but keeping it when it didn’t work out for my dad might end up being ok.  Ended up getting it for $300 since I got bonus points for opening a new credit card.

More tomorrow on my carnivore plans.

Wings tonight for Lions preseason.

Wings Lions preseason.jpg

Whitefish picata tomorrow.  Will post.

Happy Friday.


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