Carnivore Dreams — Grocery List

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I’m rounding up groceries today and tomorrow for the trip up to camp; we leave Saturday a.m. and return Tuesday morning.

Menu:  Well, we ARE stopping for the fried fish fry the moment Brown’s Fish house opens on Saturday at noon.  Full disclosure.  I’ll be eating a bit of breading there, but no fries.  So:

Saturday evening:  my oven baked wings and celery and blue cheese for the guys.

Breakfasts will be carnivore casseroles and bacon (English muffins for the guys and possibly some home made hashbrowns).

Sunday:  2 1/2″ cut prime ribeyes (baked potatoes for the guys).  Sliced garden tomatoes and cucumbers.

Monday:  We’ll fire up the smoker and do pork baby backs along with some cole slaw (and baked northern beans for the guys).

List:  grass fed butter, prime ribeyes, baby back ribs from Sam’s, free range party ribs from my meat company, organic herbs from garden, organic tomatoes and cucumbers from garden, Nellie’s organic eggs, natural Bob Evans sausage or ground pork.  Garden organic potatoes.  Organic limes and lemons.  Will grab some bbq sauce, mustard, and mayo for various doctoring of the beans for those guys.

CarnivoreKeto casserole

Nice bottle of chardonnay.  There is some tequila up there and good forms of sugar should I want some tequila and lime (hard liquor has no carbs).  Also have some mint and rum in case of a mojito urge.  reminds me:  I need Pellegrino or club soda.  Will add that to the list pronto.

So as you can see, I may have some bbq sauce, a bit of breading on that fabulous whitefish caught that morning out of the big lake, Gitchee Gumee, a tomato or two (will skip cucumber since it’s related to ragweed).  But I plan to go full carnivore starting after the holiday.

However, like Mikhaila Peterson who drinks whiskey (I think it is), I drink the occasional glass of wine or hard liquor.  And I DO use herbs and spices when I cook.  I do eat eggs, seafood, full fat dairy, all forms of meat.  Less chicken when I’m full carnivore because I crave beef (I eat it medium rare and I’ve read some carnivorous societies drink blood and get a lot of nutrients that way). I TRY to get a little organ meat down but have to find it in the form of chicken liver since beef liver is horrid even mixed into a meatloaf.  I’ve had pretty good luck.

I’ve been hearing a lot about oxalates from my followers and from people like Dr. Axe or Chriss Kresser.  I know Tom Brady avoids nightshades (would be hard for me because I have to use at least dried chili powder and other hot pepper).  But I’m certain that for some people like me who have auto-immune disorders, avoiding these and leptins, those anti-nutrient type things, results in a much healthier me.

I will be off the grid at our camp–usually where I lived until my dad got sick.  We do have Hughesnet, though.  Solar power, back up generator.  We have a small trout stream going through our property–might get out a rod even–always nice to throw some brooktrout on the grill for breakfast.

I’ll be grocery shopping and running errands today and tomorrow, having my hair done.  The shopping is not my favorite.  A bit of gardening before I take off.

Special plans for the holiday if you are a U.S. reader?  I’d love to hear your weekend plans regardless.  A bit of nice reading, maybe one of my books?  Both available on Amazon


6 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams — Grocery List

  1. This post made me hungry! LOL. My kind of eating going on and sounds like it will be a lovely weekend. I have often wondered if carnivore folks drink any alcohol–good to know that some do fine with it. I make myself a wine spritzer now and then, which is just a mix of whatever wine is already open in my fridge and a small bottle of san Pellegrino over ice, with or without a lime slice. It isn’t as sweet that way, which I like, and the mineral water cuts down the alcohol and sugar content, plus gives it some zing! Have a happy Labor Day Weekend!

  2. Ha! I just poured myself a pellegrino and a bit of chardonnay before I sat down here (to dilute it –I prefer it straight). But this is nice! Very funny. And I usually add a slice of lime!

      1. Pretty much what I’ve been drinking all weekend! Nice solution so you feel you can pamper yourself and celebrate without drinking too much overall. I do like a good chardonnay alone but I save that for special. Out to dinner. I also just drink the pellegrino alone a lot of the time no wine. But it’s added a lot.

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