Carnivore Dreams – Strength Yoga

back view photo of flexible woman sitting on wooden footpath by the beach stretching
Photo by Marcin Korytowski on

Shoulder stand yoga

Can’t quite do the first on yet, working on it, but shoulder stand feels SO good.  I’ve been doing strength yoga and really loving it. I also do a meditation yoga at least twice/week and a full body workout at least once, strength yoga 2-3 times.  Lots of walking.

Happy Labor Day weekend.  I’m cheating slightly this weekend, then on to carnivore.

More upcoming on yoga poses, possibly over weekend, if not Wednesday night.

Lots of issues here at camp for us:  generator not running so that means Dad’s oxygen isn’t working, holes in screen on porch by either bear or heavy snow, faucet dripping, roof leaking around woodstove (after new roof mind you), tv not working on one of the boxes, Directv on way out Monday.  But so far internet is working.

Oh boy.

Plans this weekend?  Anyone do yoga with Kino?



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