Carnivore Dreams – Strength Yoga Part 2

action adult athletic backlit
Photo by Pixabay on

I’ve been doing yoga for some time–mostly a beginning routine that mixed in some meditation.  I liked it for anxiety and to get some stretching in on off days from a hard workout.

Lately I stumbled on a YouTube video, beginning level, but moving into “strength” with Kino.  It has been amazing in that the movements are so subtle, yet seem to really strengthen my limbs and core better than anything I’ve tried.  This is not easy stuff and I can’t do all of it.  But a lot of modified planks–front and side, some inversions, shoulder stands, arm work.  There is one move where you sit with legs in front of you, put hands next to your thighs and lift your hips up and backwards.  Feet can stay on floor.  Incredibly hard on whole body, especially abs and thighs.  After a couple years, she says, she was able to lift her feet and legs entirely off the ground–that’s how long it will take me if ever.  But I can feel my body becoming tighter fairly quickly.  And stronger.  No amount of weight lifting has managed that.

Menu:  I made Jalapeno egg poppers wrapped in bacon this a.m  They are too spicy for my light weights, but I liked them.  I forgot to take a picture of mine, but here is a photo from Delish.  Mine looked exactly the same.


Tonight I will remember to get some photos of these enormous ribeyes and shrimp scampi.  I am slowly moving into full carnivore (nearly) and will keep reporting in.

Happy Labor Day to those of you following from the U.S.  I hope none of you are in the path of the storm in Florida and up the coast.  my brother-in-law is in Myrtle Beach–we hope he’s packing up.  Last time, he didn’t.  We have a fifth wheel stored in Mount Dora, Florida–a bit inland.  But we are safe in Michigan’s upper peninsula–except for the errant bear.

How are you?  Any dreams to report?  I’ll be getting back into my dream work and fiction soon.  Tomorrow is a travel day for me, but will check in Wednesday p.m.

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