Carnivore Dreams – Day 3 – Oxalate Dump?


Ok, it’s Day Three.  Good, bad, and ugly.  My skin is improving right away as it did before.  No wine and more water, partly. More fat maybe.  There is also this “feeling” my body is detoxing, maybe even resting.  Sort of.  I guess I mean my digestive tract feels quieter and maybe even my nerves are slightly steadier.

However, I woke with a massive headache and allergy type symptoms.  It IS September and August until the first freeze has always been my worst time.  However, one of my readers brought up the fact that she has suffered from severe “oxalate dumping” when she tries to go carnivore too fast.  Headaches and more are common when you stop eating foods high in oxalates which include not only fruit but the nightshades I love:  green and red peppers, hot peppers (yes!) and my lovely garden tomatoes above.  They were not plentiful this year, but they taste just fabulous.  (I must admit, though, that I never completely lose nightshades because I cook with hot pepper on things like my chicken wings).  Other symptoms of oxalate dumping: itchy histamine flares, all-over feelings of cold, fevers, week-long sinus drainage, and many other seemingly random symptoms.  Aches and pains.

When I started carnivore before I’d already been on keto a year, so I wasn’t eating fruit.  But I did eat nightshades.  I had headaches that lasted about a week, but I still plan to go cold turkey since that wasn’t such a long time and I’m really excited about feeling good soon.

I was also experimenting with my heavy witch make up and maybe didn’t remove quite all of it, got a bit of sticky eyes from that as well.  We’ve had a plumbing leak that was just yesterday resolved, a fan running to dry out an access area–all possibilities along with seasonal allergies.  But I remember well the headaches the last time I started strict carnivore.

I will have a glass of wine or two on Saturday as well.  I will reserve that for only going out and mostly special occasions and no more than once/week if that. (Mikhaila Peterson drinks whiskey I understand, so most of these carnivore types have a bit of an exception).  As I said, I will also be using spices and most of all:  drinking coffee.  It appears lots of carnivore types still drink coffee–I am nearly certain that the type of person who loves black coffee thrives on carnivore.  But I did very well for two months with just coffee, a few spices, and about four glasses of wine in that time frame.

Saturday we are attending the Redwings prospect tournament in Traverse City, my son and his girlfriend are coming up.  I may sip a touch of wine, but we are eating at one of my favorite spots:  Mode’s.  I’ll be able to get a huge slab of prime rib and a shrimp cocktail.  They  have the best shrimp I’ve ever tasted.

Also, I wasn’t taking Berberine when I did Carnivore last time and my cholesterol shot up to 440.  Berberine brought it right where I want it:  240.  So I will continue with that.  That was with a few limited salads and broccoli, too.  So I may watch both eggs and bacon a bit.  I am ok with it climbing toward 300.  Take a look at other posts regarding cholesterol:  there is an inverse relationship with mortality and high cholesterol.  People live longer with high levels.  All causes.  And of course, my high cholesterol derived from pastured eggs, bacon, grass fed beef cannot compare to someone with high cholesterol eating donuts and trans fats.  No studies on any of this.  I have a doctor who (if slightly reluctantly) is willing to work with my alternative diet lifestyle.

So long and short of this is I am on Day Three.  I am hoping to feel a bit better by Saturday so I don’t have to take antihistamines or Ibuprofen.  But worst case, I should be rolling sometime next week.

Today is gardening.  We finally  have a good day.  I will do a full body workout and strength yoga today, so sure hope my head clears. (I care for my 88-year old father who has Parkinson’s and he’s still sleeping.  He had a big four/five days).  Football starts tonight.  We’ll get a look at those cheese heads and Bears.  My daughter now lives in Green Bay married to a cheese head, a mixed marriage, but he is a good fellow, so we’ll keep him.

Diet:  Bacon and eggs, a bit of smoked salmon, a New York Strip and maybe a couple shrimps done scampi style (another place I often use hot pepper spices).   Oh, and organic dark roast New Guinea Papuna coffee.  Lots of it.  My gang will be eating garden tomatoes.

Happy Thursday!  Are you experimenting with diet?  Anyone else have ideas/pointers on oxalate dumping?

3 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Day 3 – Oxalate Dump?

  1. Histamine flares are VERY common during oxalate dumping!!! I avoid leftovers and fish when it gets really bad (no leftover meat). There is an ancestral health dried kidney supplement with DAO in it that can help break up histamine. I also take a daily shot of Aloe Vera juice, 2T, for histamine flares (not sure you want any plants though?)

    My telltale sign of an oxalate dump is eye irritation/blurriness/crustiness — bladder urgency, cloudy urine, fibromyalgia type of muscle aches, and any bone or joint pain will flare the worst in old injury sites/old surgery sites–old old things that hadn’t hurt since the surgery recovery. If you are lucky enough not to have old injuries or surgery scars then it can be harder to tell if the aches and pains are oxalate dumping or something else. Oxalate is stored in the bones and organs as well, so when it comes out it can be painful, and many many people report an increase in anxiety and unsettled feelings or a feeling of ‘being poisoned’ (sweating, rapid heartbeat, indigestion) when it starts to move and flush out of the body. And tomatoes can be notoriously high in oxalate. Romas are one of the highest oxalate varieties. My guess is that your body is now clearing out those tomatoes? I planted big beef and early girl, which are lower ox, and limit it to at or under 1/2 cup at a meal/day to stay ‘low’.

  2. I would say my symptoms each time were headaches and allergy congestion type flares with a few body aches. I’ve had four surgeries–three c-sections and a hysterectomy, and don’t notice too much trouble with the scarring. One thing that improves almost immediately and stays improved is bloating and unease in the gut (and my mood) so that helps me weather the other symptoms for a week or two.

  3. One more thing I recommend (or two): If you are a coffee drinker, do NOT cut out coffee as you begin carnivore! i don’t really think it’s ever necessary to cut it out but hard core carnis work toward just beef and water–I eat all meat varieties, limited dairy, and eggs as well and I’ve done super on that. But it’s crucial not to stop coffee when you start this. Also, i have to keep mentioning how important it is to work in intermittent fasting in a few weeks to keep from engaging the MTOR paythway with is linked to cancer. Most days I limit my eating to an eight hour window, but after a bit, i like to fast a day a week or every two weeks with just coffee and a touch of heavy cream which they say doesn’t hurt that fast!

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