Carnivore Dreams – Don’t worry, be happy

Without Booze

Pretty happy for me–not a huge smiler.  Ha.

But this brings me to my post for today.  I am off with my dad for his swallowing test (his Parkinson’s poses problems) as you read this.  So today will be just meditation yoga when we return.

But perhaps the best thing about the Carnivore diet is the effect it has on mood.  My life is a stressful disaster at the moment, so to feel moments of euphoria amidst all this chaos is of note.

I have been reading a lot from people who have claimed the diet has had an amazing effect on their bi-polar.  I have milder symptoms and not sure it’s even bi-polar. I’ve never had to have medication since exercise helps me the most.  But the diet is incredible for this malady.

Why?  I am not sure.  It could be no oxalates or it could be people have food sensitivities and don’t know it.  Since I have auto-immune issues (Hashimotos and allergic rhinitis), I think it’s very possible plants just don’t really agree with me and when I eliminate all except coffee and a few spices (a very occasional glass of wine), my system is able to cope.  Many carnivores claim to have auto-immune issues like the Petersons do.

It’s just Day Four, but I already feel a bit of lightening to my mood.

I am going to roast a chicken today, garden potatoes and broccoli for my boys.  Maybe some cheese, smoked salmon, an egg.  I think I’ll fast either Sunday during Lions game or Monday, make some spaghetti for these carb folks.

Happy Friday!  Let me know what you plan for your weekend.  I will be at ice arena; a weekend of sports.  GO LIONS.

5 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Don’t worry, be happy

  1. Interesting, and such a common experience isn’t it?? — I also notice an improved mood and a greater ability to handle stressors I can’t control! I’ve always been a pretty heavy meat eater, but I used to feel ‘guilty’ about it and so I included a lot of plants in my diet as well — prior to the past year when I cut a LOT of them out (still eat some, but they are all low oxalate and mostly low carb). My main mental health issue was always far more ‘anxiety’ than ‘depression’ (I rarely felt ‘depressed’)

    And so I developed a theory (purely speculation on my part), based on the nutritional healing principal that you need to look at, and adjust, two things.
    1. What is lacking in the current diet
    2. What is toxic in the current diet

    I speculate that anxiety stems from toxins in the diet (plants/grains/etc.) and depression stems from things lacking in the diet (meat). Some people I know with depression eat very little meat. I think my heavy meat intake staved off the depression but all those plant toxins caused anxiety. If my theory is right then a carnivore based diet introduces what is lacking and naturally knocks out what is toxic. Just my two-bits!! 😊

  2. p.s. Sally K Norton is a nutritionist who has a lot of podcasts on the internet that you might find helpful. She eats (pretty-much) carnivore, after a lifetime of being almost vegetarian — she’s one of my favorites.

  3. I think this is EXACTLY right! I, too, suffer more from anxiety and a feeling things are not right more than “depression.” Also probably because I eat so much meat. As you say that I am reminded of how horrible those people i know do who don’t eat meat: I know lots of people with brittle bi-polar and they tend to eat mostly carbs. One was actually a vegetarian for a while and she was nearly suicidal. I used to tell her mom I was sure it had to do with not eating meat. She agreed and I think eventually her daughter began eating a more balanced diet and I think she has at least been manageable since. My other friend with bi-polar eats meat, but mostly carbs and does a bit better. (She might read this and get back at least on a keto type thing–a diet she used before to lose weight. She doesn’t need to lose weight now but has horrible stomach issues) I think it might also help her heartburn if she cut out all carbs and very limited plants–I have no heartburn at ALL. Hard for her.

    Oh, my tomatoes are both early girl and the big beef! Always have been, so that likely saved me some as well! Funny coincidence. Had no idea they were lower, either. I do have some cherry tomatoes as well, but no Romas, though I used to buy them at the store some.

    I’ll look for Sally! You have a lovely Saturday!

  4. Yes, same with me ^^^ and my friends who suffer, I have shared my theory with a few and they have received it. It’s a sticky thing to bring up though, with some.

    Great that your tomatoes were lower oxalate! I forget the actual oxalate numbers on cherry tomatoes but think one or two a day is still ‘fine’ (in regard to oxalate), I planted a yellow pear tomato as I know that was lower in it than regular cherry tomatoes (though they are not as tasty as cherry tomatoes). Just read something about tomatoes having a host of other neurotoxins too, (similar to nerve gas 😏), and of course they are a ‘nightshade’ too, so could be a trifecta of things that could cause a reaction and detox period from tomatoes. I have definitely had more body pain since my tomatoes came into season, and I have hardly eaten ‘a lot’ of them (compared to years past). The more I read about the downsides of eating plants (beyond just ‘oxalate’ and carbs) the more I scratch my head and wonder why I am just finding this out NOW. Ugh.

    Enjoy your prime rib and shrimp (YUM). ❤️❤️

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