Carnivore Dreams – Breathe

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Apple Watch.  Worth the hype?  Well, still not sure.  I don’t like the EMF idea on my body, though I definitely take it off at night.  But I have to say it keeps me mindful of moving, standing, and most importantly:  my heart rate variability.

Heart rate variability measures your body at stress from either exercise, illness, or emotional distress.  So I am able to see how fast my body rebounds after a hard workout.

Neater still is the “breathe” function on the watch.  It reminds you to do this several times a day.  I could feel my body responding today (carnivore diet or just the watch?)  But even on a hard exercise day, my body recovered to 57 — the highest I’ve ever had, and usually it remains low for a whole day after hard exercise.

But the watch itself keeps you mindful of meditation and this overall dials you down a ways.

I made a work/writing schedule to begin next week.  I’ll write on “strength” and “strength yoga” more next week.

I’m off to watch the Wings Prospect Tournament in Traver City followed by an enormous slab of prime rib and a shrimp cocktail (maybe a sip of wine).

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