Carnivore Dreams – Day Seven

woman working girl sitting
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This is Day Seven on carnivore for me.  I’m still getting headaches, but not sure if it’s the diet or the fact I have to apply for Medicaid for my dad.  You have no idea how overwhelming that is:  possibly five years credit card statements, SS notifications, bank statements, tax returns, birth certificates (reminds me–got to get that out of safe deposit box tomorrow), and much much more.  All terrible stuff.

So I will get back at it.  I am not horribly hungry, though.  I am feeling a bit low, but perhaps once I get some of this under control, my mood will reflect it.

The LIONS tying a game they easily had won due to the idiot coach didn’t help!

But I will find something good to eat here.  Some shrimp or something.  Smoked salmon.  My excellent smoky dark roast organic New Guinea Panua.  And some strength yoga later.

Dreams: I dreamed about this very small black Labrador I was trying to save from some situation I can’t recall.  There was more to this dream that upset me which likely accounts for some of my lower mood.

But happy Monday, folks!  We’ll get through it!  (A nice walk with my dog will help some.)  How goes the battle?  Anyone have any inspired carnivore recipes out there?

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