Carnivore Dreams Day Nine (I think) – Supplements?

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Hemp Oil–I don’t take it.

But I have been thinking about supplements in general.  I have noticed that in general all those on carnivore take no supplements at all.  And the first time I went on it (which lasted 55 days), I took none as well.  I felt great most of the time with no bad side effects.  However, when I had my numbers run, they were all fine, including blood pressure, except for my total cholesterol, which had spiked to 446 (I normally had cholesterol in the 285 range, with a great ratio).  This unnerved me a bit, so I added Berberine and a few plants and it came down to 246, a perfect number I thought, if you have a good ratio.

So when I went “full” carnivore again this time, I kept in the Berberine and a couple others.  I also take a homocysteine supplement, astaxanthin and occasional calcium with vitamin D and K from Dr. Mercola.  Or that’s what I took all summer.

I still have a bit of a side ache and my mood, while it is improving under the circumstances, is not what it was before.  Carnivore is a weird diet, though, because even if you are stressed to the max, you get these moments of euphoria that does not happen on any other diet (at least not to ME).  Keto doesn’t do it.  However, my overall mood was better without supplements and my euphoric moments more frequent.

I am considering dropping everything but the Berberine and of course, my thyroid pill–the only prescribed medication I take.

I am approaching my ideal weight–I think it is about 115 pounds (118 now), so it will be interesting to see if my skin will adjust on my face and neck.  And I think taking supplements makes my skin quality worse (I know, should be opposite, but I think it’s because they dehydrate me or we don’t really need most of them).

So those are my thoughts for today.  I will eliminate all of them except Berberine and levothyroxine and report back.

Menu today:  Lovely dark roast organic New Guinea coffee, a chunk of cheese (I probably need to eliminate any cheeses with jalapeno or olives and things–another possibility), half a left-over pork chop.  Dinner will be a couple chicken thighs and a few cold sauteed shrimp leftover.  A bit of heavy cream in my decaf for dessert.  Yesterday was a fast day and I normally make a big breakfast, but today I was interrupted by– yet again– my credit union saying my credit card was used fraudulently.  That and having to get all this paperwork and receipts around for my dad’s Medicaid is enough to push anyone over the edge.  So I had no leisurely breakfast and didn’t quite get my apartment books done.

I am doing strength yoga and some full body workout sessions online.  More on Kino soon.  I did manage to get those in.  It feels like fall out here in northern Michigan and I need to walk the dog.  I’ll need a jacket…

Dreams:  Very strange.  I was staying in some hotel that didn’t allow jewelry.  Go figure.  Some cowboy had three belts hanging from a pole with jewels or studs or something and the proprietor told him he had to get rid of them or leave.  It appeared to be a vacation of some sorts.  A friend (I think, wasn’t sure who he was) was following me to this establishment, driving some old clunker white car, huge, like an old Chevy back when they were huge.  It was a bit rusty and dinged up.  He disappeared and I kept trying to call and find out where he was, but had the usual recurring dream of no service on cell phone or not being able to get a connection or not being able to dial.  But I was somewhere out west and it was beautiful there.  I made it into a room and I know there was more to the dream there, but I can’t recall it.  Seems like I opened the wrong door and there were people in there.  Yeah, that was it.  Not sure if I made it into my own room.  There were children outside, too.

Happy Thursday.  How is your day?  Your diet?  Do you take supplements?

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