Carnivore Dreams – Jungian Thoughts

Carl Jung4

I am not a believer in the value of circumstances–we simply cannot distinguish the good from the bad because so much is interconnected.  The earlier people get this, the better things will go for them.  As the fat man says, “there is no such thing as a bad day.”  (He is a disc jockey in the Upper Peninsula.)

Still, I whine a lot.  Even though I know this, I whine.  It’s my way of coping.  But in my  heart, I know the above to be true.  And that gets me through to the next “appearance” of good circumstances!  Of course, I don’t quite enjoy them as much as I used to–because I know they are illusionary.  And those bad days may be inherently wonderful.  Nothing is as good as it appears and nothing is as bad.


So have a great day today.  My good friend Carol is on her way to hang with me this weekend which makes it one of the great circumstances!  We will do some wine tasting and eat at Stella’s maybe–oh, better make some reservations.

Today, some little strip steaks on the grill pan.  I’m making whitefish chowder tomorrow, which means I’ll have some tomato and a bit of potato/corn on the cob as well.  So I have not been strict carnivore yet.  I’ve been mostly doing carnivore, but some keto thrown in and a bite of something here and there.  so I have not started my countdown to Thanksgiving yet. Soon…


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