Carnivore Dreams – Carb Refeed

coca cola glass bottle macro photography
Photo by Jonathan Borba on

Not the optimal refeed item–most of the cyclical types lean toward sweet potatoes.

And I had planned by now to get on strict carnivore for a bit until Thanksgiving.  Hasn’t happened.

I’m not sleeping.

I have been taking care of my dad with Parkinson’s and my son Josh with Down’s.  Now my husband is in the hospital and we are not sure what all is shaking yet–enlarged prostate some kind of major bladder problem.  My good friend Carol is visiting me here in Elk Rapids (thank God) and all that gave me a reason to cheat.  Which I did with coke, a few potato chips–snickers bars.

Some people believe in a carb refeed every week or two to avoid activating the MTOR pathway, though others think cheat days cause problems.  I have been having some seasonal allergies or a bit of a cold coming on, so with all of that, I was emotional eating. I hope not long, since prolonging that ends up having the reverse effect on emotions.

We had a lovely day still–some wine tasting on Old Mission peninsula, a fabulous dinner at Tratoria Stella in Traverse City, a stop at Turtle Creek casino (where Carol came out $82 to the good).

Chateau Chantal

Chateau Chantal


Turtle Creek Casino

And today is our Lions game — savoring the fact that we are in first place in our division. I woke up way too early feeling congested, perhaps cold-like, back hurting, so took something for pain and maybe a bit of a nap here before doing a bit of bacon and then game day food of nachos for those guys and chickens wings for us all.

Happy Sunday. Keep a good thought for us…

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