Carnivore Dreams–Keep a good thought


I normally don’t quote Freud over Jung.  Jung was a protege of Freud’s for a time until they parted because Jung believed in synchronicity, a higher power perhaps, that every human instinct wasn’t motivated by sex.  Still, I like the sentiment.

Today is October 1 and keep a good thought for me that I can get focused back to carnivore with some limited keto days up until Thanksgiving.  I have been tapped of emotional reserves lately because medicaid isn’t in place yet (so neither is any respite help), my husband has been hospitalized and we don’t know what is up with him, and my son Josh has again had blood in the urine.  So I have spent three days eating poorly–some junk.  Not all junk, but a bit. I’ve had seasonal allergies or something on top of all this.  Congestion, more headaches.  Drainage.

I need to get centered, I need to get “still” inside for a few days.

I need some good sleep.  I haven’t been getting that.

I was reading that women were particularly at risk for Alzheimer’s specifically in cases of chronic stress.  New studies.  So it’s crucial to get back into meditation, yoga, walking.

It feels sometimes like just as I get so I can handle one disaster, more piles on.  Though I’m not a huge believer in the “value” of circumstances since we can’t parse out which is which, there can be times of confusion and sadness nevertheless.  I handle things by whining regardless of my sincere belief in the goodness of sad times.  But only partly whining.  The rest of the time I need focusing on the positive.

So this is my plan.  Tomorrow is Oct. 1.  The orange time of the year.  I love this time of year until after the first of the year. I have already bought my punkins and my mums, but I need a big one suitable for carving–maybe carve something more exciting once, even if I’m artistically challenged. Watch my witch movies I love. Haul out the witch costume and make up.

The leaves are swirling.

Though it was 76 today, one can feel the fall encroaching stealthily. Suddenly it will arrive.  This time of the year really is more renewing than even spring. It’s time for preparation, for rest, the beginning of a time to regroup.  It’s the time of year to celebrate children, to take our cues from them.  It’s the time we once again become both teacher and student.

But again, help me keep a good thought.

Happy Tuesday.

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