Carnivore Dreams -Fatigue

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I had posted earlier this week that I was low on emotional reserves dealing with a host of loved ones who have been ill or hurt and some financial concerns as well.  Interestingly, a fitness coach whose blog I follow had a piece about over-training and brain fatigue.

You can both stress out your adrenals and just cause an overall emotional/brain fatigue by demanding too much of yourself in terms of exercise.  Granted, exercise can be a stress reliever as long as it feels like it.  And if you aren’t pushing so hard you’re stressing out your adrenals.  A difference between pushing when you are just feeling a bit lazy and pushing the other direction to the point of emotional and physical exhaustion because you can’t listen to your body.   Even if you are feeling ok emotionally, you can push to the point of injury by being too gung ho.  Rest is as important as exercise both for building muscle and for your immune system.

Some people (sometimes me) can be so regimented, almost addicted to an exercise routine, that we push even when our bodies are saying: rest.  I’ve always thought some of these sports teams are over-training.

So I had decided to do just that until Friday, rest.  I’m walking the dog and puttering around the house but that’s it for the week.  I’m off to have my hair done and pamper myself and will see how I am for tomorrow.

Are you pushing too hard?  Happy Thursday.



2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams -Fatigue

  1. I agree-I think we can definitely push ourselves to the point of damage. There is a very real difference, I am still trying to learn to trust that inner voice of mine to be able to tell when it is simple laziness versus true exhaustion and a need for some rest. Great post

  2. Yeah, I am taking this whole week off and kicking back. So much emotional upheaval. So sometimes, allowing yourself some time and not adding stress to yourself will shorten the whole process. Give yourself a break!

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