Carnivore Dreams – Red Meat


New study you probably all heard, conducted from medical folks from Canada and Poland, found eating red meat (even processed red meat) was fine for you.

I’m not sure I agree on cured meat–I eat uncured bacon and sausage and grass fed meat and when I eat vegetables, I eat organic.

But yeah, no kidding.  Red meat is fine for you, especially grass fed which has a different Omega 3 – 6 ratio, almost even, as opposed to conventional beef which is something like 10:1 Omega 6 heavy.  Or more.  And of course, nobody is doing proper studies on cholesterol–what type of fat are you eating to raise it and how do they compare to other issues like metabolic system–and overall longevity.  Someday maybe they’ll get to it.

Some annoying posts on Washington Post article about the environment–for heaven’s sake, the environment is a separate issue to our health, even if you believe the AOC’s of this world.  It would have to be carefully looked at–we are contaminating the planet right now with GMO foods and pesticides and herbicides. If people ate fewer plants (that I maintain make certain people sick and which uses HUGE masses of land), and we were growing mostly grass to feed grass-fed animals, it would be debatable, I’m sure, which would be better for the environment and our health.  Grazing was what the good lord intended (or the good earth if you have a different view of religion–mine is extremely complicated:  a reconciliation between Einstein, Jung, and all we can’t explain), and our food practices, particularly processed garbage, is the problem here.

Nobody knows who is paying for ANY of these studies and politics is behind most of them.  Money given to support a certain conclusion on the environment or red meat consumption.  Vice versa to some degree, I’m sure.

My biggest point is that they are not studying the right THINGS yet–either for human health OR for the environment.  It shouldn’t be a freaking choice between GMO and pesticide ridden PLANTS or conventionally raised and poorly fed conventional beef and animal production.  And human studies need to start analyzing specific diets and results on health.  Right now, it’s all garbage science.  All of it.  And it’s ALL fake news.   Whether it’s politics or health news. You have to listen to all of it, to try to glean what they are trying to pull and what is being left out, what is being misrepresented, because most all of it is.

So we need to do our own experimentation and listen to our guts, so to speak.

Happy Friday.

Dreams:  My mother was in them!  I was telling her I had a cold.  She was taking care of me.  So I make progress on my goal of summoning my late mother to my dreams and hoping she can answer that question for me (think Einstein–perhaps we can move in time in our dreams, who knows.)  That had to play in in the first place when she knew my son Josh would be born with Downs.  She said “somebody” told her, but I never asked her WHO, didn’t want to talk about any of it. I make progress.

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