Carnivore Dreams – Marinade


Steak Marinade:

My buddy Mark Sisson just wrote a blog saying that he knew he would lose followers for this blasphemy but that steaks were better on a cast iron skillet (not grill pan) than they were even over charcoal or wood.  He further qualified that if you used a marinade on lamb or other meats that wood fire was the way to go, but if you were just throwing salt and pepper on a ribeye, a screaming hot cast iron pan was the way to go.  OR a cast iron pan ON the charcoal grill!  I tend to agree.  Cast iron is a great pan in general.

But should you marinate a steak, this is a great one:  1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup soy sauce, two garlic cloves minced or crushed, one whole lemon juiced.

I had used soy marinades before and even though the soy seemed a bit prominent, I tried this. Must be the lemon juice, but the soy didn’t jump out at you–it was just a great steak and aesthetically pleasing to boot.  On the charcoal grill.

However, we are all under the weather here (even my dog) so I am going to throw a few grass fed strip steaks on the cast iron skillet pretty soon.  It’s easier and the wind is blowing off the bay to such an extent the cushions won’t stay on the furniture, and my plants are tipped over–not something I am in the mood for.

Since my dog had full on diarrhea (all over the house) for days and had to go to the vet, and my little grandson gave us colds or flu I’m trying to keep from my dad, I am not much in the mood to cook at all!  So of course, my writing has once again been put on the back burner.  And I’m behind on company books.

Happy Wednesday!  I dreamed I kept calling my friend’s daughter for some reason, to do some errand or something, and she told me to stop calling.  It must mean something.  🙂




2 thoughts on “Carnivore Dreams – Marinade

  1. I love cast iron steaks! My husband prefers grilled though, so he would heartily disagree here! We have our outdoor grilling station set up to withstand extreme temperatures and winds, LOL, and he grills all year long. Me — I like a ‘weather’s too gross’ excuse to use the cast iron pan, LOL.
    And I used to use Bragg’s liquid aminos as a soy sauce substitute (back when I was ‘merely’ gluten free — soy sauce has wheat in it). But now I’ve switched to coconut aminos and really like it–one thing I like about it is that it doesn’t overpower a dish or marinade, a lot more subtle than traditional soy sauce can be. Plus. the coconut aminos doesn’t actually have any soy in it (I’m now avoiding soy completely for various reasons).

  2. I understand soy SAUCE is fermented though, so ok according to Dr. Mercola, doesn’t cause as many problems as regular soy stuff which I never eat though can’t vouch for gluten free. I DO use coconut aminos all the time, though. Good stuff. Might try substituting, but I am not sure it’s as salty which is why I think the soy works so well. Plus imagine most of it gets grilled off. I like both cooking methods a lot, but think if you grill, using the marinade is a good idea! Really adds! Yep, we grill year round at this establishment, too! My dad always did. Thanks for commenting! I love to hear what folks think!

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