Carnivore Dreams – Jungian Thoughts and Lucid Dreams — Native American Practice –useful today?

Jung Dreams3

Dream traveling.  Something Native Americans do instinctively.  To meet with “elderhearts,” other worlds and realms,  alternate realities, to experience Einstein’s theories of Time, past present, future, a way to travel soul to soul.  Not something we westerners normally consider.

I’m still hoping to control my dreams.  Invoke my mother, maybe “travel” a bit, hope she’ll enlighten me as to who “told” her –the day before my son Josh was born with Down Syndrome that he would in fact be born with it–something I neglected to ask.  Since I was not only devastated at having a handicapped child, but shocked at my mother’s pronouncement, which just hung in the air for eleven years.

And then she passed.  Died in 1994 of a massive stroke.

Dreams — no coincidence that they refer both to our aspirations and our nighttime travels.  Many civilizations consider their “dream life” every bit as relevant as their day time journeys.  It is mostly we westerners who discount them or limit their significance, their importance or value to our overall human condition. (More tomorrow on famous “dreams” that impacted the wagging of the world).

But I’ve been back working on my lucid dreaming with limited success — perhaps due to my cold and the cold meds.  I always remember my dreams more when I don’t take anything like Benadryl or Xanax or cold medicines.  But I have plans.  Dream incubation.  Purify surroundings in preparation for dream walking.  Remove technology, simplify furnishings, perhaps a bit of mug-wart by the bedside.  That’s my plan here.

Fasting mostly for a couple days.  Though I’m making baked whitefish picatta today (asparagus and smashed potatoes for those guys) and the usual wings (and nachos for those guys tomorrow).  Resting up a couple more days to get over this cold before getting back into exercise.

Happy Saturday.  GO MSU and GO LIONS.

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