Carnivore Dreams – All Hallow’s Eve — “When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ’tils near Halloween'”

scary witch

She’s mine and I made her.  Turned out better than I thought I could do, never tried it, but it was hard work!

Now to get her to last five nights.  Or rather six nights.  Putting them out AFTER Halloween seems anti-climactic.  But our temperature is perfect.  Will need to spritz her every day with bleach and water.  Keep her out of the sun.  We are about 45-50 degrees every day.

Still gathering a few things I need for the big night.

A nice fall menu upcoming.  Roast chickens, grilled pork chops, (football pizza for those folks).  Will round up some pot roasts, some keto chili.  Dad wants to do some frog legs (not so fall-ish) and some fried whitefish.  Perhaps…

Happy Spooky Saturday.  Off to exercise and then make some dinner.


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