Carnivore Dreams – Jack O’ Lantern Tips on freshness

Ok, here is the scoop for keeping your punkins fresh a few days–I’m hoping six!  Best is if you don’t carve it until a day or two ahead, but I’m one who likes to get in the spirit early.  So:

1.  Wash your punkin carefully and dry it.

2.  Carve your pumpkin.  It’s better to leave the top on it and carve a whole in the back–better even than the bottom–for both mold issues and supporting structure.

3.  Be SURE to get ALL the pulp out of it including any stringy things–down to the white flesh.

4.  Soak your pumpkin at least an hour in a mixture of water and bleach  — 3-4 tablespoons in a five gallon bucket or sink.  Some say to soak it 8 hours.

5.  Let it dry out fully.  You can use a small fan to dry it, but don’t use a hair dryer or anything with heat to it.

6.  If it’s cool, keep the pumpkin outside.  Cover it with plastic bag at night especially if it rains.  Keep it on a porch out of the rain and/or bring it inside.  Keep it out of the sun and heat.   Temperatures in the 40’s-60’s are best, but I think night time temperatures in the high 30’s are fine, too.

7.  Spray the punkin every day with a bleach water solution or an antiseptic with bleach spray.  Dry the punkin every time you spray it.

8.  Use a battery operated light that flickers rather than candles.  The heat compromises the flesh sooner.

9.  If the punkin is losing its shape, you can soak it again to plump it up–too bad you can’t do that to your face!

10.  It’s better if you light your pumpkin just on Halloween or at least as little as possible.

And there you have it!

It’s the first day of a two-day fast for me.  Just coffee and heavy cream for me.  Yoga meditation today as well.  I’ll need it since I plan to watch the Lions play football.

Happy Sunday!  I’ll report in on dreams soon.

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