Carnivore Dreams Second Round – Day Four

Pork Rind Frid chicken

This is from website.  I will be doing something close to this only with chicken thighs and will fry them in cast iron before finishing them in oven.  In bacon grease and butter.  (I am presently looking into finding some good grass fed pork lard to render myself).  So pictures on actual thighs tomorrow and more info on lard if you are interested in finding a fabulous fat!

It’s soggy again today here in northern Michigan. I watch as it drips off the new metal galvanized roof onto the deck and the porch furniture we have yet to put away for winter.  My job today:  locate some fire wood for my woodstove since my room is the coldest in the house, but also has a nice wood stove. But first, a bit of taking stock over my, you guessed it, cup of lovely organic dark roast New Guinea coffee.

Today is the first day of our new routine.  My husband (who used to be a construction manager/later contractor still working downstate) started what should be his last (much less stress) job of being a project superintendent close to here.  Not the stress of managing projects and pushing paper, but not the physical labor of his own business.  A 3-5 year prospect.

So this means a new schedule for me and revised menu planning with him here as well as my son with Downs and my dad with Parkinson’s.  So today I will try something new:  Carnivore Fried Chicken with pork rinds as in above picture.  More details tomorrow on how that worked out and some actual pictures.  I’ll make them all a few steak fries and a salad.  And for lunch for me if I’m inclined:  a bit of ground lamb patty and a fried egg perhaps.

It’s also a day for planning a new writing/exercise routine.  I am hoping to get Dad situated, errands run, then write, then exercise before hitting tub (if necessary depending on day) and before getting dinner.  Of course weeks get broken up with medical appointments and such, but I’ll shoot for it.  This week I need to keep re-acclimating myself to my novel in preparation for revision–a good day for this in the slop.  Still, I need to go to the post office and the store quickly–not a pleasant thought as I watch it drizzle.  High 30’s I imagine, today.  Maybe 40.

I must tell you that even after three days on strict carnivore I can feel my system settling, especially the digestive tract.  I imagine I’ll have some headaches still and maybe more so as I transition, but I will stay strictly carnivore until Thanksgiving and maybe even then.  Would be easy to stay keto, even for dessert, should I decide to slip off for the day.  Then the same program until Christmas.

I have family members (especially those in the medical profession) frowning on my diet choices, but then they have not experimented with diet the way I have.  And since my  health (so far) is the best of anyone in my immediate family (including spouse), I’ll gamble along. I can’t speak for the detractors’ health situations, of course.  But let me assure you conventional medicine has a lot wrong.  And I don’t even force my  husband into my diet.

I worry more about cancer than heart disease on this protocol, so I’m careful to include exercise and some fasting, at least confining eating to a six hour window most days.  Though I prefer a whole fast day every week or two with just coffee and heavy cream, while still trying to keep my eating into an eight hour window.  Since I need a piece of cheese or something before bed, this means fasting until dinnertime most days.  Though I always have a eggs and bacon the day after a total fast.

I’ll fill you on some diet strategies for a bit:  liver seems almost imperative, so since I like chicken livers, I need to locate a good source.  My Butcherbox does send innards in their pastured chickens.  I hate beef liver which is easier located.  So will see how that goes as I locate good pork lard–more on both of these subjects soon.

My mugwart by my bedside has indeed enhanced my dreams, made them more accessible.  And my mother is arriving in my dreams regularly.  I think she may have been there a lot but I didn’t wake up–now I can feel someone waking me–dream incubation!  Yesterday I was showing my mother a craftsman house and reminding her that I could have made our old house every bit as fabulous–(she tended to like antiques and old farmhouses. I wonder often what she’d think of my industrial camp off the grid, started in a garage–though she did like simplicity and lots of metal, so who knows).  At any rate, she’s been in my dreams, often protecting me, so perhaps soon, I can do some soul/time wandering and get the answer to my question (see my mission statement on the side).

So happy Monday.  The fall always seems to be a time of new beginnings unlike the spring and I hope it is for you as well.

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