Carnivore Dreams — Fried Chicken


It wasn’t bad.  I made it with ground pork rinds for breading.  I felt like it could use more salt along the way and some more spices perhaps, but definitely approaches fried chicken.  Guys had a few steak fries along with.

Mine got a bit darker since I finished it in the oven, but was pretty tasty.  Not quite Kentucky Fried, but it kind of hit that fried chicken craving thing!

Oh, I just ordered six 11 oz. jars of rendered pastured pork lard from my local coop!  I’m excited about having that on hand, so I can use less bacon fat which worries me even when it’s uncured.  So will fill you in on that.  And I’m looking for a source for chicken livers.  So will join our local coop and see if he can also help with that situation.  Six jars of lard with membership would be about $75, so may try to figure a way down the road to render my own.  It takes all day apparently.

I sit sipping my dark roast brew and have to report that the rain dripping off the metal roof has now turned to snow–something we are forecasted for every day for four days, I understand.  It’s here.  Officially.  I’m fighting a headache due to the low pressure every day and the transition to strict carnivore most likely (other than coffee, I never give that up.)

Happy Tuesday.  Today is meditation day and working on the book.  Sounds nice.  Too bad my wood hasn’t been delivered for the wood stove yet.  i do have to run to the pharmacy…maybe later.

I don’t remember my dreams clearly, something about an attached garage on a ranch house.  I have recurring dreams of houses and architecture as character and I still dream occasionally of comedians–of all sorts.

Dreams?  Let me know how you are doing on dreams and diet.  Remember you can purchase my past books A Good High Place and Seasonal Roads published by Northern Illinois University and Wayne State University respectively at Amazon.



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