Carnivore Dreams Second Round – Day Seven

brown cattle on green lawn grass during daytime
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Just a note–I’m on the way to pick up my six jars of lard from the local coop and my chicken livers, so will report in on how this stuff works out.

It’s also my hair dresser day and I’m cashing a check so my dad can hit the casino on Saturday–one of the few things he can still do–he can still lose money!!  But I am gone that day, so a friend is taking him off to the casino to gamble and have dinner.  A stop at the cleaners because the 15th weekend I am off to Green Bay to hang with my daughter and son-in-law and grandbaby, and I need something to wear.

But let me say that we are supposed to get 6 inches of snow today, so it will be heavy slogging.

I will post pictures soon, but let it suffice to say that it’s incredible how fast you notice physical changes going from keto to carnivore.  It’s like every day your body changes in some way that you notice–better muscle tone, better skin, different shape to the face, flatter stomach, less bloating, better mood, fewer cravings.  Soon the cravings will be gone as they were last time I went carnivore. Yesterday I didn’t have as much of a headache, always seem to get those as I transition in, but am prone to them anyway.

So will report in soon.  I started at weight 120, so will see how that goes for the next month.  I will cheat and eat keto on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But stay carnivore a while.

Happy Thursday!  How goes it?  I love hearing from you.

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