Carnivore Dreams – Sleep

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It’s becoming more and more clear that getting good sleep is essential for optimum health.  It’s obvious 7-8 hours sleep is essential for peak intellectual and physical performance.   It is especially important for adrenal and immune function.  The circadian rhythm plays a part in most bodily functions, cell repair in healing.  Many cancers, such as breast cancer, are associated with poor sleep.

I’ve never gotten to sleep easily, but tend to sleep pretty well once I do get to sleep (as long as my charges don’t wake me up).  I like 8 hours normally but do fine with 7.

But one thing I’ve noticed mentioned by other carnivore types is that they seem to need fewer hours of sleep and seem to wake up easier.  This is definitely true.  I have no idea why this would be, but it was one of the first things I noticed.  I’m not certain I get to sleep that much easier, but I seem to be getting better sleep when I do.

If you have trouble sleeping, be sure to turn off blue light sources soon after dinner or get yourself some yellow goggles.  Sleep masks and black out curtains help.  Getting outside or getting light early in the day helps.  Don’t exercise too close to bed.  But DO exercise.  A nice soak in the tub a couple hours before bed can really be great for sleep, especially if you have some Epsom salts (magnesium) to throw in.  Melatonin helps some people, a spoon full of honey if you are on keto, magnesium supplements.  Don’t drink alcohol too close to bed time or when it wears off, you’ll awaken.  Don’t eat heavy meals too close to bed time. Drink enough water during the day, stay hydrated.  Use a good salt if you are transitioning to keto or carnivore. Make lists if things are on your mind.  Simply writing them down can allow you to relax.  Nidra yoga can be fabulous and you can find plenty of sessions online.  All these things can help.

Dreams:  I’ve been working well on my fantasy novel about dreams.  And dreaming in real life.  I dreamed a good friend of mine and I were being chased by a rapist.  We had another girl with us that he killed (I didn’t see this in the dream).  He let me go because he intended to keep my friend Cathy as a sex slave and didn’t want her to be too upset if he killed me since Cathy and I were closer than the other girl.  Cathy’s husband and I were eating at different tables in a restaurant and the killer had letters delivered to each of us, mine shorter than Paul’s.  Then the killer was chasing us again and I was running down  hall after hall, pulling pocket doors closed behind me, all of which had those little twisty kind of locks on them.  We had some kind of monitoring system that showed we had lost him and he was across town, but suddenly he showed up in the room with us.  And I woke up.

Happy Saturday.  I’m on the road today closing down our camp and heading out for dinner on the way back.  Gathering decorations, clothes and things as well.

Are you dreaming?  Can you direct them?  Have you ever thought you’d like to?  I love hearing from you.

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