Carnivore Dreams -Chicken Liver

Chicken liver.jpg

Ok yeah, I’m not eating mushrooms or green onions presently, but these look pretty good.  Instead I just sauteed mine in butter and cajun seasoning.  Very good considering I hate beef liver.

My goal:  I don’t get enough vitamin A and even chicken liver is packed with it.  I have some concerns about very early cataracts, so I need to get enough.  Liver also has some vitamin C though I supplement with it, vitamin D, K2, magnesium and a little calcium, very small dose.  I also eat dairy.  But I digress.  Liver is also packed with B vitamins, folate.  The plus to chicken liver is it is harder to overdo the vitamin A. My goal:  3 oz. 3 x week.

So I will report in in a week or two on improvements.  Looking to improve upper back stiffness, eyesight, overall energy, skin, etc.  I need it to help with osteoporosis prevention as well and liver is packed with nutrients more than any other food.

If you hate it, you can work it into meatloaf or freeze it in small bites and choke those down like pills.  But chicken liver really is pretty good compared to beef liver and almost as nutrient dense.

Happy Monday.  Do you eat liver?  How are your dreams?

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