Carnivore Dreams – Out of Here

woman walking on pathway while strolling luggage
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I’m not flying or using public transportation but I do have my little travel suitcase like this one all packed up along with a hanging bag and my computer and I’m ready to bail out of here bright and early this morning.  I’ve been care-giving and I’m burned out, right to a frazzle. I am leaving this morning and not coming back until Monday evening.

I am hoping for good roads to Green Bay (with a possible stop off for a reading at Peter White Library in Marquette), then on to Milwaukee Saturday to stay at the Pfister Hotel and see the musical Hamilton, then out to dinner at a fabulous steak house.  Back to Green Bay to hang with my little grandson John Michael and my wonderful son-in-law Joe Oskey.  I am not in charge of anyone not even the dog.

I hope this does the trick.  I’ve been so stressed out, I literally cannot get my shoulders and upper back to relax and the pain has been excruciating. Never really had this happen like this and didn’t have a chance to get into the hot tub.

Wish me luck that I can smooth out.

I am profiled on Ketogenic Endurance this week where I answer some questions about my carnivore diet:

Take a look.  Happy Friday!  How was the week and the diet?

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