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Yep, I disappeared and am now prone on our futon in one of our apartments downstate.  My son Josh (who has Downs) and I came down Monday to do dentists, doctors, and I had an MRI scheduled for my neck/upper back which has been a bit off (as well as some socializing with dear friends).

However, Josh had been shivering a bit Sunday night after coming out of the tub, seemed ok on the ride down Monday, but was shaking like a leaf as I was trying to have my hair done.  I gave him a couple Tylonol and he seemed better, came back to the apartment and he slept a couple hours, then woke up shaking again.  I worry about his immune system.  By the time my son John and I got him to emergency, his fever was 102 plus.  I’ve never seen him shake like this and was worried about toxins or flu or worse.

The usual emergency experience–they checked for flu, cultured blood, did chest x-ray and urine screening–then predictably sent us home with Tylonol  and a diagnosis of the common cold.  No flu.  This even though I asked them to run a strep test (they didn’t) and after they clearly lost the first urine specimen we gave them.  They did give me a prescription for Doxcycyline in case he wasn’t better in a day or two.

The next day was our previously-scheduled doctor appointments and we kept them.  I felt I should have started that antibiotic, but uncharacteristically followed orders.  By now, I was feeling ill as well–sore throat, but total exhaustion and almost confusion– and I brought up the neglected strep test with our doctor– which of course turned out positive for us both.  So we are doing the requisite 48 hour rest/quarantine thing before heading back upstate–no MRI, no dental appointments, and no socializing.

Not a productive trip.

All will need rescheduling after the first of the year.  We are not sure where we contracted this, though my son-in-law and grandson were not feeling 100%.

Strep can lead to meningitis, rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, kidney problems.  It doesn’t always show up positive in a quick test, either.  I am annoyed they didn’t run a test and get Josh on an antibiotic right away, even in an IV, since he doesn’t have a normal immune system.  But he seems to be gaining.  (He’d gained ten pounds as well eating with his grandfather who we now live with due to his Parkinson’s).

Such are the holidays.  Just the way it is.  Am considering a couple day fast which normally seems to add energy and lift mood.  And since this antibiotic has upset my stomach, it seems opportune.

We’ve had some other stressful news on top of the usual holiday routine, so an excellent diet seems crucial here to get us back on track.  Josh cannot eat dessert and candy full time and I need a better diet, fasting, and some exercise myself.  The MRI was to check my neck/upper back, but that can wait until into the first of the year–it has seemed better with a week’s lounging. So maybe I will feel that isn’t necessary.

So this is a cautionary tale of not enough sleep and holiday diet excess.  It’s important to keep resistance up, get some vitamin D if you don’t live in the south.  Take time for stress reduction, veg some, get outside, rest.

So another day (or two) possibly of rest for us before the journey back north. I’ll get back into a writing/dreaming schedule soon.

Happy Wednesday!  Keep up the good fight.

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