Carnivore Dreams – Eggs Again



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So another thought on eggs.  I eat mostly carnivore so eggs are allowed, (though I understand some people just eat rib-eyes and water.)  Not me. I eat seafood, eggs, dairy, liver, all meats.  But eggs (and liver) are super foods, so can’t imagine leaving either of them out of any diet.

Think about it. An egg has to create a whole living creature, so it would have to contain every nutrient under the sun (and even a bit of Vitamin D which is hard to get in food).  Similar reasons liver is so good for you and I will post an update on how the addition of 3 oz. liver 3x/week has changed my health.

But get good eggs, folks.  I have been eating pastured eggs now for a year or two, not organic and not free-range (which could mean the hen gets out of the cage for five minutes), and not omega-3 nutrient enhanced which are actually bad for you, but “pastured. ”  Yes, they are expensive!  I ended up getting stuck downstate in our apartment with my son Josh who got very ill, and as I was scrounging up breakfast when I hadn’t planned to cook here, I ate some regular old eggs that were left in the fridge here by my husband.

Everyday eggs.

I hadn’t realized just how fresh and good pastured eggs are until I ate those.  They were waxy and rubbery in comparison.  Just for taste alone, (and that lovely orange yolk), pastured eggs are worth it.  But studies show they might be twice as high in vitamin E, higher in A, higher in omega 3’s (without  that awful nutrient enhancement).

They are the real deal. And it’s a humane practice!  You can feel healthy and virtuous at the same time!  I highly recommend them.

Even I don’t get quite enough eggs.  I recommend at least half dozen/week and I buy them in the three dozens since my dog also has two every morning with a base nutrient mix.  (She has chicken thighs every night with it or some other protein from our meals).

I think my son has turned the corner on this strep infection (and me, too–though this antibiotic is the most brutal one I’ve ever had on the stomach), so we will venture back north to care for my dad tomorrow.  And back to Christmas wrapping, card writing, bill paying, doctor appointments and more.  So likely not back into my writing routine this next week.  And since my husband’s close job fell through, I am back to doing all the above alone and trying not to feel depressed and instead count my blessings.

Working on that.

Dreams:  Haven’t been sleeping, checking on Josh, so haven’t been dreaming.  Maybe tonight.

Happy Friday!

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