Carnivore Dreams – Merry Christmas

Have a peaceful and joyous day!

I forgot to get pictures of the roast beast last night and/or the Yorkshire pudding!  Heavens!  And what a beast it was.  I had gotten a bit disappointed with all our prime ribs of recent Christmases–no matter the method, the roast turned out either a bit tough or a bit lacking in flavor.  Not this year!

I bought $750 worth of meat (eight lobster tails, 28 filet tenderloins and a 19 lb. prime rib which we cut — with a saw — in half frozen) from Costco.  FYI we also could have ordered a rib roast alone for either $1500 or $999 if we wanted to economize.  From Japan, I guess.  Wagyu (sp?) or some such thing.  But it’s hard to imagine a better roast than this turned out. Well, had I taken it out fifteen minutes earlier, it might have been completely perfect, but as it was it was the most tender I’ve ever cooked at home and it tasted great with a bit of au jus and horseradish.  And plenty left for french dip sandwiches for Dad.  I forgot to take the pictures!

I cooked it more traditionally, a crust of flour, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt and pepper, and a bit of oregano.  Started it at 450 for the first half hour, then lowered the temp to 325.  It was in the oven under three hours total, weighed about 13 lbs.  The Yorkshire pudding was perfect, rather they were popovers with goat cheese and rosemary and thyme.

We had already had a cheeseboard my son’s girlfriend put together with Irish Cheddar, smokey blue cheese, a Stilton, and a rosemary Asiago we got from the Cheese Lady in Traverse City.  And Christie also made us a cheesecake.  So it was a lovely Christmas Eve.  We watched an Episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown with one of the last episodes with Jim Harrison in Montana.  And of course we watched Scrooged, Christmas Vacation, and a traditional Scrooge.  Lots of good friends and family.

Today will be monkey bread and bacon after presents and leftover cioppino for dinner with some lovely shrimp, scallops, mussels, and salmon.

Merry Christmas.

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