Carnivore Dreams – Cioppino



Ok, so it has a few tomatoes in it, but otherwise, it’s perfectly carnivore.  Salmon, mussels, Andouille sausage, shrimp, scallops.  It has ouzo, clam juice, wine, tarragon, basil.  It’s definitely keto and it’s good.  And it was Christmas Eve.

I’ve been pondering doing an Amazon cookbook since so few carnivore cookbooks are out there.  Might have a couple keto meals in it, but primarily carnivore.

Probably include some dairy and a few cocktails that stretch carnivore a bit.

I’m also hoping to get into some revision this winter on my fantasy novel–got a good five months of pure carnivore before I start summer planting and a month or of keto.

And I’m hoping to read.  I’m reading a friend’s book on fly fishing–fiction, but based on the father of fly-fishing.  Then I have some Pam Houston I haven’t read and some time travel fantasy books I’m studying.  We’ll see how it goes.

Meantime, we have a few more celebrations in store though i don’t anticipate having to go off carnivore for them–racks of lamb New Year’s Eve, frog legs New Year’s Day, chicken wings in the air fryer, chicken livers.  We have a 6 lb. prime rib left after we cut the 19 pounder in half.  My brother is bringing a ham…

On we go.  Happy Thursday.

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