Carnivore Dreams – Shopping Day


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Today I’ll head to the Cheese Lady, stop by our coop, Burritt’s Fish Market, Costco, and on to our small super market in search of a few good things:  chicken livers, Irish cheddar, smoky blue cheese, a sheep’s cheese, Manchego I think it is.

Smokey blue:


Some sparkling water, shrimp, good organic dark roast coffee.  Will have to come up with some celery for the chicken wings for those non-carnivore types for Sunday.  Will do wings in the air fryer.

Racks of lamb New Year’s Eve. New Year’s day will be sauteed frog legs and fries for those regular diet types.

We had the most fabulous prime rib Christmas Eve and I’m just hankering for more. The other half of the roast is still frozen.  Hmmm, will ponder when I eat that–but I have some leftover prime rib for french dip sandwiches for my dad and Josh, but I’d like to just start over and make it again.


I think one of the most satisfying things about eating well is shopping at great markets.  Believe it or not, you can eat higher quality meat and cheese and eggs if you skip produce which is darned expensive. And shopping for these items can be fun.  The smells in a good coop, meat market, or fish monger can’t be equaled.

So we’re off today, stocking up for the next celebrations.  Ah, maybe a touch of champagne?

Happy Friday.

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