Carnivore Dreams – Cookbook Endeavors

Woodfire Picture snow

Hilary Fay photography

I’m working on a few different books here.  One that I should have published soon is a Wood-fire cookbook/memoir thing.  It’s mostly carnivore/keto–all food cooked over a woodfire or in a lodge pot.  I don’t have an exact date on the release of it, but should be within a couple months here.  The second one which is probably six months out at least is a Carnivore Cookbook and is just recipes.  So if you are interested in these, keep following.  More information to come.

I am also revising my fantasy novel and no real time-frame on that one.

But if you are interested in literary fiction, I have two published by university presses:

A Good High Place:

And Seasonal Roads:

Both can be purchased on Amazon.

More information to come!

Happy Saturday!

Dreams:  I was flying in and out of some city.  I planned to stay at a hotel on the way back for one night.  Somehow from there I ended up on a bridge hanging on to an extension cord attached to my daughter’s car which was hanging off it.   Off the bridge that is, by the extension cord.  I was able to keep it from falling and instructed her to run down there and push it back up on the bridge.  Okay….

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