Carnivore Dreams – Jungian Thoughts

Nice picture, eh?  But no doubt Carl thought our dream life contributed more to our "realities" than mere psychological titillation or curiosity.  We in modern western society view our dreams as some sort of  illumination as to our psychological and emotional states.  Jung, along with his theory of synchronicity, felt it was more than that.  … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Jungian Thoughts

Carnivore Dreams – Seasonal Plants and Oxalate Toxicity

According to Sally Norton, an Australian plant biologist and expert, there is such a thing as seasonal oxalate plant toxicity since we likely did not eat these plants year round.  Conventional medicine has long known many people develop oxalate kidney stones, so there has been some reference to this already. Click hyperlink for whole article. … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Seasonal Plants and Oxalate Toxicity

Carnivore Dreams – Jungian Thought for the Day

Yet they mean something, don't they?  Question is, do they provide a deeper alternate reality just as important as our waking realities or they just meaningless phenomena that might shine a bit more light and casual interest on our psyches? I think the former and since I know a lot about Jung's ideas on synchronicity … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Jungian Thought for the Day

Carnivore Dreams – Electrolytes

Electrolytes are important if you are on either a ketogenic or carnivore diet.  I was always aware of this and especially, if fasting, I took magnesium supplements and added salt to my water.  You definitely tend toward dehydration which accounts for many peoples' headaches, and keto flu. However, I realized just lately that I am … Continue reading Carnivore Dreams – Electrolytes