Carnivore Dreams – Under Weather

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Yep, that’s been me for a few days.  Sick as a dog yet again–worse than the strep. So the start of this happy new year has been a little less than.

I think it might be that Costco doesn’t have those cart wipes most of the other stores have, though perhaps it was touching the Cheese Lady’s door, or the door at Burritt’s Market that did it.

I use the wipes because I have a son with Downs who has low resistance and an 88-year-old father with COPD, heart disease and Parkinson’s disease, also with low resistance.  Somehow so far we managed to get a bad cold this early winter and strep throat.  Since my sons’s resistance is so low and I am in such close contact with him (and we have a very cute visiting grandson who is in day care), it seems even a Carnivore diet and extra vitamin D and C can’t stave off the crud.

So I’m trying to rest albeit my father forced me to drive him to the casino today.  If I’d said no, he’d be $150 to the good, but it’s something he can still do.  (Lose money, ha.)

But it’s been a trying holiday season in some ways although it is always nice to see my children and grandchildren–makes up for it.  As you are all probably doing, I’m taking stock, trying to get my bearings, and feeling my way forward.  Problems need solving and I will take my time getting healthy and rested before attempting to solve some of them!

But this time of year is perfect for this kind of thing and I hope you are doing your own sorting, planning, dreaming.  Don’t give up.  Wait until you get rested and recharged!  Happy Thursday and good luck on the first real day of the new year!

Dreams:  Mine were ridiculous.  I dreamed I was invited on this trip to Hawaii with Megan Kelly and some guy I didn’t know.  We flew in this small private plane and we landed somehow in this gorgeous cove.  They decided to skinny dip and I saw Megan’s perfect little round fanny as she dove in.  And later, his naked body which appeared to have a package sadly lacking if you know what I mean.  Silly dream.  Why they wanted me along, I have no idea.  There was more to it, but I didn’t write it down.

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