Carnivore Dreams – Sugar???

chocolate cake on chopping board
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This is a quick note.

And ok, this post may be blasphemy for the carnivore/keto types like me, but this is something I noticed.   Something I noticed by accident, obviously.  (I also noticed another person or two say so in blogs).

This is what I noticed:  If I cheat from straight carnivore and I eat something like say, cheesecake with sugar, or even a candy bar, or chocolate, or say, an alcoholic drink, something like Bailey’s, say, or something breaded like fried chicken–I seem to handle it MUCH better than I do eating vegetables or worse yet, things like bread and potatoes, things with lots of fiber and I suspect, oxalates, anti-nutrients, gluten, etc.

That doesn’t mean I’m saying sugar is ok or good for you, but if I cheat and just do that, I don’t notice much difference going back to my diet where in the summer when I was eating those great garden veggies –all supposed to be so good for you — my body changed some and I definitely felt worse on it and returning to carnivore.

Can anyone explain that??

Dreams:  My mom showed up like she is more often.  But in this one she was older, heavier, and she had an accident, urinated on the floor.  I was helping her clean it up.  Not sure what THAT one was about.  But I’m happy she’s arriving in my dreams regularly.  I know that is a result of dream incubation and lucid dreaming and much more.

Happy Saturday all!


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