Carnivore Dreams – Taking stock – recipe testing

If you’ve been following me, you know I’m testing recipes for the Carnivore cookbook.  YES, that first picture is TOTAL CARNIVORE!  And so is the second.

The first is a waffle made out of pork rinds, cheddar cheese, an egg and a bit of salt.  I need to revise but I already know what to do.  If you are keto,  you can add a bit of honey if it’s your whole carb allowance for the day.  But I wanted it to stay total carnivore, and found I wanted something sweet like honey, so I added a bunch of butter, and then had a brain storm–I added a bit of sour cream which was GREAT.  And realized whipping up some heavy cream for on top would be just the ticket.

Second picture is a Crustless Keto cheesecake.  It has monkfruit in it so it’s not strict carnivore but monkfruit sugar has no calories and no net carbs.  So for a treat, it works.  I will be tweaking this recipe as well.

Third picture grilled pork chops.  I use a bit of dry rub and a few spices, which strict carnivore types frown on, but salt and pepper works well, too.  Some tweaking going on and then my daughter will re-test them with or without me and do the proper photos.

Next week if I have time, going to do a shrimp bisque which should be totally carnivore, some frog legs, also carnivore.  Maybe some bacon/egg poppers (will miss jalapenos for that one, but will use some good cheeses.  I think I’ll try a cheese combo on that).  Oh, and I’ll try some carnivore ice cream soon.

I’ve had to be on an antibiotic for this cold and doxcycyline rips up my stomach and gives me a headache, but it was clear it wasn’t a virus.  so I’ll take it easy today, throw a sheet pan fajita recipe on for the boys and just have a bit of the chicken and a slice of cheesecake. (to test, of course).  I had that waffle and some bacon for breakfast along with my dark roast New Guinea coffee.  Hope my Vikings don’t add to my headache!

The gas fire is nice and later maybe a wood fire, read some of Jim Harrison.  He’s so brilliant and yet so annoyingly depraved at times.

We live in such “interesting times” as the Chinese curse goes.  Teetering culturally and economically on the edge.  Do we keep America and what she stood for or bury her forever in idealism and identity politics, reparations?  Throw the baby out with the bathwater?  (I’m a libertarian so neither party pleases me).  I am a literary writer and was a university professor for years so I hear a lot of view points.  I taught argument papers to my freshman students so I’ve looked at many issues from many angles.

My father is conservative with a libertarian bent, my mother was more moderate conservative.  My family and husband part of the business community — so I hear a lot of ideas.

But even diet, which should be a matter of good health which varies per person, has become way too political.  Politics has invaded everything.  Sports, food, nothing is sacred and little room for common ground or even a respite from the onslaught.

I recommend cooking something good, a walk in the woods, some good music, and some good books.  Turn off the tv a while–I haven’t watched it except for old movies in almost a month.

Happy Sunday!

Dreams?  Can’t remember them.  I’m dreaming a lot lately, though, and often about my mother.  I look forward to getting into a writing/food testing/exercising routine.  And reading/revising.  I’ve started some, but not fine tuned things.

How is it going for you?  I love hearing from you.

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